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About Ecig Central


Ecig Central is a family owned business established in 2013. With retail stores in Pennsylvania, as well as a successful web store, we are committed to offering a wide selection of smoking products, including alternatives to high-priced manufactured cigarettes. At Ecig Central, our goal is to give all of our customers across the country the opportunity to consider Electronic Cigarettes as a healthier alternative.

Growth and Success

Since the inception of our original tobacco business in 1997, it has grown exponentially. We currently operate several tobacco/e-cigarette stores in Pennsylvania and continue to change our product lines based on customer demand. We have seen first-hand the impact of soaring cigarette prices due to state and federal taxes as well as manufacturer increases. We believed it was necessary to start offering alternative products that were not only healthier but also more cost effective for our customers.


Our product selection has adapted and changed from a high concentration of manufactured cigarettes to E-Cigarettes. Many of our customers in turn have made a dramatic shift from cartons to the healthier alternative of E-Cigarettes. Ecig Central works directly with most of the manufacturers you will see in our web store to offer extremely competitive pricing. At Ecig Central, we make customer service our top priority. Please let us know if you have any problems with your orders or the products you receive. Click the "contact us" link at the bottom. Thank you for visiting our store. Happy Shopping!